Smoke Hollow 44241g2 Review

Smoke Hollow 44241g2 is a 44“ vertical gas smoker which can easily fit in the large group of smokers. The size of this smoker is 33“W x 24,5“ D x 60“H from the outisde with smaller measurements inside. What I like about this gas smoker is the fact that you can make a big party and feed all your guests easily and without hassle. It provides 6.5 cu ft of cooking area which is quite impressive. Just place everything inside and relax.

Inside of the Smoke Hollow 44241g2

Smoke Hollow 44 inch Gas Smoker ReviewsIn that 6.5 cu ft of cooking area are 5 different cooking grids, which means you can cook different types of food. I find that feature very important in any smoker. Those grids are 1 sausage hanger or rib rack, 2 jerky grids and 2 common cooking grids. In the bottom part of the smoker are 1 large porcelain coated water pan and 2 porcelain coated wood chip pans. Since there is a lot of room inside they have put dual 10 000 BTU burners for best temperature control and overall performance. I like the fact that those two burners can act independently from one another.

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Outside of the Smoke Hollow 44241g2

The design of the smoker is pretty much the same as all Smoke Hollow products and I love their consistency. It is made with black quality steel, durable and solid construction. The front side of the smoker consists of two doors, one for the water pan and wood chip pan and other for meat ( or any other food you wish to smoke) Both doors have wire handles so you can grb them without burning your hand. On the bigger door (top door) is a temperature gauge for better temperature control. They made two doors so you will lose heat only on the part you open. For example, if you open the bottom door, the heat will only exit on the bottom part.

Smoke Hollow 44241g2Keeping and controlling the temperature is easy, but if you don’t manage to do that first few times, don’t worry, you just have to get to know it. It is really interesting that Smoke Hollow 44241g2 has dual burner system because if you want to cold smoke, for example, some fish, you can do that by using only one burner. Actually, that is the reason why people in Smoke Hollow made 2 wood chip pans for this gas smoker, so you can cold smoke on one burner only. It is impressive how they thought about every little detail so they can keep their customers happy.

There are numerous satisfied customers at the moment and what they all liked the most is the temperature control. That means that without any additional preparations you can smoke vegetables, chicken, turkey or beef with this smoker and everything will be extremely yummy, as it should be. I thought it would be hard to maintain proper temperature in 6.5 cu ft, but in the end, everything is cooked equally, without any special maneuvers in the smoker.

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