Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series LP Gas Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series LP gas smoker is actually very similar smoker to the Smoke Hollow 44241G2. In fact, even their code is almost identical – this smoker is 44241GW. The difference in the code is the last letter/number. Our Smoke Hollow 44 pro series LP gas smoker has a letter W in the end, which stands for a window located on the door of the smoker. The last number on the Smoke Hollow 44241G2 is two, which stands for the number of doors that smoker has. It is a dual door smoker, doors are located one above the other. Other differences I will mention later in the article.

Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series LP gas smoker – inside & outside

Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series LP Gas Smoker ReviewThe overall design of Smoke Hollow 44 propane smoker is simple. It comes in black color, made from steel with minimum decoration. The only decoration on this smoker is a logo, located on a top right corner and wire design of a handle (which has another purpose, not just aesthetic) The door has one large window made from tempered glass so it can resist high temperatures. Under the door is located „push-button“ ignition system so you can start the smoker without any hassle. The wire design I mentioned few sentences before prevents you from burning yourself on a handle and that is one really good-to-know detail.

The size of the smoker is 33“W x 24.5“D x 60“H from the outside and from the inside is 24“W x 16“D x 44“H with almost 7 cu ft of cooking space. With that amount of cooking space, it is logical to have different cooking grids. It has 2 standard grids, 2 jerky style grids, 1 grid for ribs and one hanger for sausages. Everything you need to make an awesome meal for the upcoming party. For the best flavor, this smoker has one large porcelain coated water pan and two wood chip pans with lids, also porcelain coated.

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Why is this gas smoker so good?

Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series LP gas smokerWith an easy „push-button“ ignition this Smoke Hollow 44 Pro Series smoker is a must have for both newbies and serious enthusiast. It also has two 12 000 BTU burners which can work separately so you can maintain your top performance while cooking meat. A great thing about those two burners is the fact that you can smoke different types of meat at the same time. For example, place chicken, turkey, pork and beef inside and you will see the results. You can literally see the results just by looking through the window. I just can’t find a downside for this smoker no matter how hard I try.

Every Smoke Hollow smoker is designed so you can move it easily from one place to another and the same thing is with this smoker. It has comfortable handles on both sides of the smoker so you and your buddy can put it in the backyard while the rest prepares tables for a party. When you are done, clean it with ease and place it back on the next party.

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