Smoke Hollow 44 inch Gas Smoker Reviews

Propane smokers have advantages and disadvantages and when you compare it to the traditional smokers and electric ones, you can easily determine are you a traditional smoker, gas smoker or electric smoker kind of guy. A traditional and gas smoker are outdoor smokers while electric smoker is more indoor than outdoor. On the other side, for electric smoker you need a power outlet, while for those two you need propan or charcoal and wood. Outside are gas smokers more convenient and that is why I have decided to talk about Smoke Hollow 44 inch gas smoker today.

Smoke Hollow 44 inch gas smoker

Smoke Hollow 44 inch Gas Smoker Reviews

This smoker is almost identical to the Smoke Hollow 44241g2. Their most important and easiest difference (for noticing) are the door. Smoke Hollow 44241g2 doesn’t have a widnow on the door, while this one has. Smoke Hollow 44 inch gas smoker is 33“W x 24.5“D x 60“H and it has over 6 cu ft of cooking capacity. Inside of the smoker are 5 different cooking grids meant for cooking all kinds of food. There are 2 cooking grids, 2 jerky style grids and one cooking grid made for preparing ribs. So, if you are an experienced cook, you will love this smoker.

From the outside this smoker looks like every other Smoke Hollow smoker. Simple black deisgn with silver details like handles and buttons. It is made from welded steel so it is a good construction. The door has a window made from tempered glass so you can see inside without opening the door. The frame of the window also has a sliver detail. Every Smoke Hollow product has a temperature gauge on front door and this one isn’t an exception. Below the grid are two drawers and they are for water and wood chip. You can fill the wood chips without opening the doors which keeps the heat inside of the smoker.

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The fuel of Smoke Hollow 44 inch gas smoker

Smoke Hollow 44241g2The smoker has an amazing temperautre control all thanks to 2 independently controlled 11 000 BTU sainless steel burners. That means that you can rise the heat of one burner and lower on the other and that is why it is a good temperature control. Of course, I do have to mention a professional-quality heat indicator. You can smoke anything inside, from vegetables to ribs. On the top of the smoker is located chimney for better drag control.

Remember that this is a gas smoker, so don’t use it inisde. I am sure it can fit perfectly in any part of your backyard and there is really no need to put it in your kitchen or garage. If you don’t have room to place it outside, an electric smoker can be a better solution. Smoke Hollow has great quality electric smokers just like gas smokers which have an excelent quality-price raito so you won’t be sorry if you get an electric instead of gas. Actually, I am more an electric smoker kind of guy myself, so I know what I am talking about.

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