Smoke Hollow 38“ LP Gas Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 38202g is a larger gas smoker, which can fit food for a group of people around 6-8 persons. It is a good quality piece of equipment for smoking, which will fit perfectly in your backyard. What I like about both gas and electric smokers is the fact that you don’t have to be around every minute during smoking sessions. You can leave it and check it out from time to time. Traditional smokers need your undivided attention and with today’s lifestyle, that can be hard. That is why I recommend this smoker for a smoking enthusiast who loves to cook for their friends.

Smoke Hollow 38“ LP gas smoker

Gas smoker

Smoke Hollow 38“ LP Gas SmokerThis gas smoker uses 20 000 BTU propane burner which helps it maintain the right temperature all the time. The ignition system is simple, it is a „push-button“ system which is common in Smoke Hollow gas smokers. I am sure you are wondering how can this smoker maintain the right temperature all the time. Well, it has two vents. One on the bottom and one at the top and those two vents are the main reason for temperature control.

Two doors system

The entire product is made from welded steel so you can imagine the quality. It has two doors, one above the other and they are actually separating meat from the water and chips. The first, bottom door is for the space for porcelain coated water pan and wood chip pan. The second, bigger door is actually for 4 adjustable chrome plated grids and one sausage rack on top of the smoker. This smoker is one of few smokers which have a sausage rack. On bigger door, the smoker has a bulit-in temperature gauge for better temperature control. They made two doors so you can have minimal heat loss while adding wood chips or removing water. I think it is a really good solution.

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Dimension and size

Smoke Hollow 38“ LP Gas Smoker Review

I know that when I say welded steel you think about something big and heavy, but this smoker isn’t that big or heavy at all. Its dimensions are 20“W x 18“D x 38“H. (Hence the 38“ in the products description) and it has 65 lbs. The gas in this smoker produces temperature up to 350°Farhenheit and it doesn’t spend that much gas. One propane tank can last for about 30 hours cooking. One important thing you have to keep in mind is the fact that this smoker is ANSI Certified and CSA listed which says a lot about the quality.

The downside of gas smokers

Almost every gas smoker has the same downside and that is keeping the flame. If you are smoking on the windy day, prepare yourself for the fact that you will probably have to fire up the smoker more than once. There are few tricks you can do to keep the flame. For example, place the smoker in the lee, somewhere the wind doesn’t blow. If you can’t turn the smoker towards the wind, which will prevent the flame from being put out. Or, you can play with tin foil and make small windscreen around the flame. There are many methods to keep the flame alive so that isn’t a big downside, more annoying one.

Keeping a gas smoker over the electric ones has its advantages, like the fact that you don’t need a power outlet, but I am more an electric smoker kind of guy. The fact that I can smoke inside in the kitchen is the reason for that but if I wanted to buy a gas smoker, I am 90% sure I would buy Smoke Hollow 38202g.

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