Smoke Hollow 30 Electric Smoker Review

Electric smokers, just like every other product, comes in different sizes which make it easier to find a smoker that fits in almost everywhere. The most popular size for an electric smoker is actually the smallest size. You can squeeze it everywhere, inside the kitchen or garage or outside on the patio or backyard. People in Smoke Hollow are aware of that and that is why they’ve made two types of 30“ electric smokers. Those two smokers, Smoke Hollow 30“ electric smokers, are actually pretty identical. You can say that they are the same product, but with few upgrades.

Smoke Hollow 30 Electric SmokerThe first Smoke Hollow 30 electric smoker I will talk about is the 30162e electric smoker. This electric smoker is made from durable steel because it is actually an outside smoker. It measures 16“W x 14“D x 30“H from the inside, so the 30“ characteristic is an inside measure. It has 2 cooking grids for about 22 pounds of meat or vegetables which are more than enough to feed your entire family. Besides grids, on the inside, it has painted steel chip pan and porcelain coated steel water pan below the grids. This smoker has great temperature control with a temperature gauge on the front door so you can read the temperature anytime during the process. Since it is small in size, it is logical that this smoker isn’t the heaviest smoker in the world. That is a good thing if you want to move it around, just remember, you have to have a power outlet nearby. The door on the smoker has a wire designed handle which makes the handle cool so you can grab it without burning your palm.

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30162e electric smokerAnother Smoke Hollow 30 electric smoker is and upgraded model of the 30162e electric smoker and it is called 30162EW electric smoker. The main difference you will notice is the fact that the door has a window. A window is a great solution for newbies smokers who aren’t sure if the meat is done because they can see how the meat looks through the window. More experienced smokers leave the meat inside for few hours (they know exactly how long the meat should be inside) and they open the door only when the meat is done. A window is a good thing, but you must expect more heat loss through the window than through the entire steel door. I think that the window on the door is a good choice, but they could’ve put the smaller window, due to the heat loss. Smaller window means less heat loss. Another difference between those two smokers is the fact that this one has 3 chrome plated cooking grids (instead of two) which mean it can fit more meat inside. But, just like the 30162e, it has 1500 Watt electronic element with great temperature control, so the overall quality is the same.

What I love about those 2 smokers is the fact that Smoke Hollow listens to their customers. The first Smoke Hollow 30 electric smoker had only one downside and that is the lack of the window on the door. So, what they did? They made an upgrade for that model with the window on the door and they added 1 grid more. So now, people can use the same smoker but choose one of the two models which suit them better.

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