Smoke Hollow 26142g Smoker Review

If you are a newbie in cooking food with smokers and you are looking for an outdoor smoker, I would recommend Smoke Hollow 26142g smoker. It is a small and easy to work with gas smoker so it is a good choice for an unexperienced cook. But, don’t get confused, it may be small, but it has excellent smoking abilities. You can try smoking different types of food and let your family be the judge for the flavor.

Smoke Hollow 26“ propane smoker

This propane smoker uses stainless steel burner with 8 000 BTU which is enough for a small smoker. The ignition is simple, just push the button and you are set which is a great feature for unexperienced owner. The temperature control on this Smoke Hollow 26“ propane smoker is really good and you can see the temperatue on temperature gauge located on the door.


Smoke Hollow 26142g Smoker ReviewThe size of Smoke Hollow 26142g makes it perfect for a portable gas smoker. You can easily place it in the trunk of you car and go on a picnic (but with smoked food). The weight of the smoker is about 30 lb so you won’t have any problem with moving it around. The dimensions of the smoker are 19“W x 16.5“D x 35.5.“H from the outside. The cooking capacity for this smoker is about 1.3 cu foot, which isn’t bad at all when you look at its size. There are two chrome plated grids in this smoker and you can adjust their height which is a useful feature in every smoker. Below the grids are located 1 porcelain coated water pan and 1 powder coated wood chip pan.

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Smoke Hollow 26142g SmokerThe entire construction is one-piece cabinet made from welded steel so you can expect good quality. This smoker is meant to be portable and you can see that because it has two handles on both sides for easier transportation. There aren’t any windows on the door so you can’t see what it is happening inside. That can be a problem for someone unexperienced. If you want to see the status of your food you will have to open the door, which means heat loss, so try to do is as little as possible. But, don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you won’t have to open the door until the end. Now that we are talking about losing heat, the door on the smoker has a „Sure-Lock“ latch so the heat loss is minimal through the door. Also, the handle on the door have a cool touch system. It is a wire designed handle which prevents you from burning yourself on the handle.

It is a good quality smoker made more for newbies than for more experienced cooks. You can cook fish and meat which means it has good temperature control and that is all you need to smoke food. What I like about this gas smoker is the fact that it has really good price to quality ratio, meaning you can get this smoker for reasonable price (you can make enough food for 3-4 people).

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