Smoke Hollow 26142e Review

Smoke Hollow 26142e is a small electric smoker, perfect for an occasional smoking enthusiast. This smoker is also known as 26“ vertical smoker because it has 26“ height from the inside of the smoker. It is suitable for two or three persons, so if you want to make more meat in the smoker (for the entire family or friends) then I suggest you buy a bigger smoker.

Smoke Hollow 26142e – inside & outside

Smoke Hollow 26142e ReviewOverall dimensions of the electric smoker made by Smoke Hollow from the outside are 19“W x 16.5“D x 35.5“H and from the inside are 14“W x 12“D x 26“H. The interior provides 1.3 cu ft of cooking space. There are 2 chrome plated grids inside of the smoker and you can adjust the height of each one per your desire. You can cook everything from vegetables to juicy steaks as this smoker has 1500 Watt heating element with fully adjustable temperature control. Under the grids are two porcelain coated pans. One for water and one for wood chips. The only problem about those pans it the fact that they have a side loading system so you have to load one over the other.

The design of this electric smoker is simple – black. The entire construction is made from welded steel and on both sides of the smoker are handles for easier transportation. They aren’t the most comfortable handles, but they do help when you want to move the smoker. The door of the smoker doesn’t have a window, which can be a problem for people who aren’t sure how the entire smoking process works. They will have to open the door to see the food, but once they get used to the process, they won’t open it that much. I like the fact that every Smoke Hollow smoker has a cool touch system on the handle. It means that the handle is designed to keep you from burning yourself while opening the door.

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Smoke Hollow 26142eDoors are made to last. Smoke Hollow has magnetic door latching system on almost every product because they know that their system is almost flawless. There are few products with small leaking problems in the door area, but it is a very small percentage. The door seals meat inside which provides good smoking conditions and you can see that in almost every meal you make in it.

I prefer electric smokers over traditional or gas smokers because they require less time and are cleaner. With traditional smokers, you have to be around it all the time to keep the fire, but with an electric one, you just plug it in and that is all. The downside of the gas smokers is the possibility to run out of gas while smoking which isn’t something that can happen with electricity.

Smoke Hollow is a brand that makes good quality products and this isn’t an exception. This small electric smoker is definitely in my top pics of all electric smokers because it works good, it is easy to handle and it is made from really quality materials.

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